Final Exam Thought Question (Essay)

American Government
Final Exam Thought Question

A government for the people, by the people.  But if the government is elected to represent all the people, then which people get to say what the government should do?  What is the responsibility of government?  Who is to say what they government can do?  Should certain people in our society have more leverage in the decision making?  Is so, then who?  The educated?  The wealthy?  The not wealthy?  How can the government balance all the needs of all the people?  How much involvement in our daily lives should government have in order to run an effective country (economically and socially)? 
Our system is a mixed market economy with some government regulation.  We have a representative government that should be making laws and policies on behalf of the people.  Our nation is made up of many different types of people and not everyone can have everything they want.  So, how does a government, set up like ours, go forward and make sound political and economic decisions?  And at what expense?  What are the trade-offs?
These questions are all great questions to think about.  Many individuals have varying thought, ideas and perspectives.  On this final thought question for American Government, it will be you who gets to think about where you stand on these questions and form a written response answering this question:
The Prompt:  To what degree should government regulate and be involved in our lives?  Choose at least three areas that you wish to explore and delve into them (using  Some examples may be:  nutrition (should government be allowed to tell us what we can and cannot eat?), gun laws (what would more regulations mean?  What would less regulation mean?), healthcare (should government provide healthcare or should that be privately operated?), crime and punishment (death penalty), Euthanasia, education (think about standardized testing), etc.
Do you think that government should be a laissez-faire government?  (“hands off”) or should government use policy, laws and regulations to keep our society regulated.   Or maybe government should have some regulations in some areas and be more open in others.  Address the issue of our freedoms.  Are we ever at stake of losing some of our freedoms at the hand of government regulations?
Your thought questions should have an introduction, 5 body paragraphs and a conclusion. You will be given library time to do some research to support your position.

In your introduction, you should include an explanation about what you think the role of government is and then formulate a thesis statement regarding how much influence the government should have in our lives.

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