Final Essay Outline

American Government
Outline for Final Essay

I.                 Introduction
a. Define democracy.
b. Role of government is to work for the people, “we the people”
c.  The 3 branches of government, along with state governments, should work to strike a balance of power while maintaining individual liberties, yet providing protection for all.
II.           Education
a. In order to provide consistency for students (children) that move from state to state, there needs to be collaboration with all state educational agencies.
b. The job of the federal government is to support (financially) public education, and not dictate what schools should do.
c.  Teacher training:  can be one way that schools come together
d.                        Higher education:  why is college so unaffordable?
III.      Environment
a. The government needs to work with business to protect the environment
b. The government should provide incentives to business that “do right” by the environment
c.  The government should NOT drill in places like the ANWR but rather look for alternative energy methods
IV.      Guns/ Weapons
a. The government has to be careful not to infringe upon individuals Second Amendment rights.
b. The government needs to work with agencies/ businesses to keep kids safe and guns out of the hands of criminals.
V.          Homelessness
VI.     Conclusion: 
a. Balance, balance, balance. 
b. How is our society being judged?


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