Community Service Project 2016-2017


“No one has ever become poor by giving.” 
~Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank play

In our unit on citizenship we will discuss the various roles we play as citizens in the family, school, community, state, nation, and the world.  This project is meant to help you see yourselves as part of larger community. By identifying areas of need in your community, you can work to address these needs through a service project.  You will have the option of working with a non-profit organization that has already defined by its mission and goals or you may see an issue in your community that is not currently being addressed.  In this case you be able to create a service project that addresses your identified areas of need. 
NEW: This semester Mrs. Murray de Carmo and I will be offering 2, two-hour after school service options at Kingswood for interested students.

Step 1:  BRAINSTORM LIST Brainstorm a list needs you see in your community.  Use your own views as well as conversations with others in your community to try to identify as many areas of concern and/or need as possible.

Step 2:  FOUR OPTIONS WITH CONTACT INFORMATION Narrow your list of concerns to 4 possible service ideas based on your interest level and your ability to work on that project.  Educate yourself on these four areas of interest.  All the information that you gather will be put together in a folder within the classroom for all to review therefore creating a resource for others as well as yourself to determine your final community service project.  You may include pamphlets/brochures etc.  You will type up the contact information for each of the 4 service ideas and include a paragraph of information related to what kind of work you would be doing for this service project. 

Step 3HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Choose one issue or organization to research and provide a historical background for the class. If you are creating your own service project and/or your organization that does not have and available history research the history of a non-profit in your general field of interest.   We will be creating a binder of organizations and issues of concern which will include a historical background, literature and contact information for the service ideas of the class.  This will be for future classes to use to help them choose service projects. 

Step 4:  PLAN OF ACTION Choose your service project and create a “Plan of Action.”  Identify the goals you hope to achieve, most importantly improving some segment of the community.  Find out what is currently being done, if anything to solve the problem and create a list of next steps that you will take.  Have your plan of action approved by the teacher.
Step 5SERVE 4 HOURS AND COMPLETE LOG Implement your “Plan of Action.”  Keep a log of your hours as you progress through this project.  If you choose to work for an established non-profit organization please identify your facilitator and have them initial the log and a description of the work completed.  If you choose to create your own service experience please choose an adult 21 years or older to act as your facilitator and who can help you to accomplish your goals.  In this case, that adult will initial your log and service description.
JOURNAL REFLECTIONS: Each time you work towards completing your goals write a reflection about how you feel you are improving your community, obstacles that you face and your next steps in the process.  Minimum 3 reflections (typed ½ page minimum).INCLUDE REFLECTIONS IN FINAL PROJECT

Step 6:  VISUAL PRESENTATION Once your project is complete, create a visual representation of your project.  You may consider a scrapbook, PowerPoint or some other method to show others what you have done to improve your community.  You will include evidence of Steps 1-5 in your project.  You will present this visual the week prior to the end of the semester.

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